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Our Why

Crisp cool mornings in the winter are hard to beat, especially when you have ducks on your mind. With plans in place from a previous day’s scout, you wake up early and load up to drive and meet your crew.

As you gear up the anticipation of the morning hunt fills the air as you all head down to the swamp. Having a plan in place means you're on a mission. The set up is right, you’re on the X and now we wait for the birds to fly. The sound of whistling wings wiz by and faint silhouettes of ducks hit the tree line.

We work 'em’ with the calls, bringing them close for the final pass. It is the ultimate reward for all your hard work when the ducks do it just right.

Those moments are where the passion for Bloody Bills emerged. We absolutely love chasing ducks and those moments when you talk back and forth to those birds are the most exhilarating.

At Bloody Bills we developed our own custom call to fit our hunting style. Take our style of call and put it to good use for your perfect morning.